Established 2014

The Arbasetti Domain Network
Welcome to the Interzone. The Arbasetti Domain Network is upon you.

Welcome to the Interzone! Get ready to touch down on a different realm of domains. As an explorer, I am always combing the internet and printed materials for new ways of pioneering the web. As an aspirer, I focus on values, and my commitment of carrying a message to those who may see it. As an achiever, I don't give up on things when they get challenging, and I don't give up on my idea of making the web a better place. As a reformer, I remain unconventional in many of my design decisions while still being able to keep things "classic" when needed. As a creative, I look at fusing content with presentation in moving and innovative ways. You will find domains focusing on quantitative artwork, language, fashion, music, video, philosophy, science, blogging, social media and web technologies. The Arbasetti Domain Network is upon you!


Who said you were never going to use math outside of school? This website takes a mathematical approach to graphic and web design. The history of math is very rich, and it is helpful in understanding present design methodologies. A simple pie chart can be used in some amazingly graphical design ways. The beauty of numbers should never be underestimated. Enter mathamataca!


I am living a pretty fresh life. Not that life is always full of rainbows and unicorns. That is not the life I am talking about. I am talking about a life with problems, bad decisions, and frequent missteps. How is that fresh? It is fresh, because I got through it despite all the obvious signs of failure. I don't think anyone ever goes out in the world and says, "I am going to intentionally mess this up." This website is about what is right about being wrong in the design world, and what is wrong about being right in the same design world.


This is my original domain concept. iinphiiniitii started out in the deep recesses of the internet as my username on the then popular Yahoo! Chatrooms. Before Facebook came along, a popular way to "socialize" on the internet was using Yahoo! Chat. What better way to bring a bunch of dysfunctional people who don't like eachother together so they can share with one another the ways of their people? The sad part of the story was how Yahoo! eventually took the chat servers offline. Now if you want to talk garbage, you do it on the many social media sites available today. This website takes all the conversations I had over the years and condenses them into art and web design. Enjoy!


I think, therefore I feel, therefore I desire, therefore I behave, therefore I am. This website brings deeper thinking to a much more artistic approach.


There is a time-space for everything. This website answers the question, "What time-space is it?"


Language allows us to communicate, whether it is by voice, on paper, or through electronic means. This website uses language as a way to express an artistic side of things.